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Improving Service to Medicare Advantage Members

McMinnville Internal Medicine Recognized by UnitedHealthcare for Improving Service to Medicare Advantage Members September 29, 2015 McMinnville, OR,- McMinnville Internal Medicine (MIM) is proud to announce that it has recently earned the 2014 UnitedHealthcare PATH Excellence in Patient Service Award. The PATH program was developed by UnitedHealthcare to help improve outcomes for its Medicare Advantage

A Lifesaving Decision

In November 2014 Mike Sandels had his second heart attack. He just happened to be walking by the WVMC emergency room on his way to undergo a CT Scan in Radiology. Mike said, “After experiencing nausea and profuse sweating I decided to immediately walk over to the emergency room and it was a decision that

Have you Hear of This?

For the last two days, my wife and I took a short vacation to Disneyland. We had a fabulous time at the happiest place on earth. My fitness tracker revealed that we walked just over 25 miles in 2 days, although the 90+ degree weather was a bit too hot for my taste. ... One

I Need Glasses?

A couple of years ago, my wife and I were driving when she pointed out that I was often squinting when l looked off into the distance. She suggested that I visit an ophthalmologist to get my eyes checked. ... She certainly knew what she was talking about; in fact, she was a bit of

Sometimes We Miss

A few days ago, I drove into work to get my annual health screening. I was ready to get my blood drawn (it was 10am and I was still waiting on breakfast) and I felt good about the process. ... I tried to bring a calm energy into the room and let the RN know

How About Them Eggs

Earlier this year, we decided to become chicken owners. We talked about it for years and finally decided to make it a reality. We researched what type of chickens we wanted, went shopping at Wilco, bought four adorable chicks and built an awesome chicken coop for them. Over the last few months we’ve watched them

Strength in Numbers

A few months ago I joined a mom's group. We're all first time moms with babies ranging 6 to 18 months. We rotate hosting the group in each other's home, meeting once a week. The group offers a great opportunity for our babies to interact with others but most of all it's invaluable for us

The Love of Grandparents

Grandparents Day was this past weekend. The occasion is not as celebrated as Mother's and Father's Day although it definitely should be. It deserves attention around here because Karson and Lucy have the best grandparents anyone could ask for. I never saw myself settling where I grew up but one of the reasons we did

11 months already….

I don't even know what to say. We're entering the last month of our first year with our sweet little babes. Watching them grow and learn has been so amazing. They love playing peek a boo and often play with each other in their cribs when they should be going down for a nap. The

Cherished Photos

Photographs are cherished more than almost anything. We proudly hang them on our walls. They're plastered on our social media sites. They once filled our wallet sleeves but now they greet us on our phone screen. We're able to carry digital albums with us everywhere, and can show them off whenever we'd like. They bring

Back To School Breakfast

This has been a big year for me; I now have a 1st grader. My son, Henry, started “big boy” school this week and so far is having a great week. Up to this point, Henry attended daycare part time where he ate all of his meals and snacks. This year for breakfast, I need

Back to School Dinner Dread

It seems that ‘Back to School’ is in full swing. For many families, back to school can even be a busier time than summer. Between car pools and late soccer practices to ‘Back to School’ nights and endless homework, the next few months will be quite busy for many families. Due to these busy schedules,

Labor Day Weekend

I just want to start off by saying that if you read my blog last week, thank you! This past weekend was labor day weekend! My boyfriend and I went camping in Maupin, Oregon and went white water rafting! It was tons of fun because it was our first trip together. We played games, napped,

A Tattoo is Forever

I am thinking of getting a tattoo. First off, I just want to say that I have never had a tattoo before and I think that it’s important to get something meaningful and tactful. I have actually been thinking about getting something to remind me of why I had my surgery and a reminder to

Willamette Valley Medical Center would like to Welcome Dr. Thomas Cronin to the medical staff and Emergency Department

Dr. Thomas Cronin, ER Dept. Willamette Valley Medical Center is pleased to announce the new addition to their medical staff, Dr. Thomas Cronin, Emergency Department (ED). A man of many talents, Dr. Cronin became an emergency department physician as his second career. First graduating with a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering, Dr.

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