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What To Do About Mr. Lice

A few weeks ago, we welcomed an unwanted visitor into our home. He certainly wasn’t invited, he just showed up. And then he decided to stick around for a days before we finally convinced him to leave. I’m talking about the pesky little guy, Mr. Lice. Perhaps he’s visited your house too. If you have

Get Yourself a Cool Water Container, and See What Happens!

Recently, a wonderful friend of mine gave me a fresh, custom-engraved 40 ounce lava red Hydroflask that has become my at-work water container, and my sister-in-law helped me celebrate my 38th birthday with an awesome 18 ounce kiwi green Hydroflask, perfect for the cup-holder in my car and toting around town. I’m telling you, these

Great American Smokeout 2016

On Nov. 17th,  individuals across the nation will come together in support of the 2016 Great American Smokeout, an event created by the American Cancer Society through an ongoing effort to promote smoking cessation throughout the states. According to the American Cancer Society, there are roughly 40 million smokers located within the walls of our

Our Last Post

When I started writing these weekly posts, two and a half years ago, I was 18 weeks pregnant with twins. I had no idea what lay ahead of me and how much my life would change. At first putting myself out there in a weekly discussion was difficult. Sharing pictures of my huge belly was

Go Outside and Breathe It In

My family and I just enjoyed an awesome weekend visit to Hood River. On our drive back Sunday morning, we stopped off at Horsetail Falls to spend a few more minutes enjoying all of the beauty the Gorge has to offer. Horsetail Falls is a 176-foot tall waterfall along the Columbia River Gorge. The waterfall

Making the “A” Grade for Patient Safety

Willamette Valley Medical Center earns straight “A’s” for 2016 Patient Safety from Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade McMinnville, OR- November 7, 2016 – New Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades, which assign A, B, C, D and F letter grades to hospitals nationwide and provide the most complete picture of patient safety in the U.S., were announced today

Eat Your Bananas…. If You Can

I wish I could return to that friendly fruit, the banana, but unfortunately. I cannot. In my early 30s, I developed a mild allergy to bananas. Whenever I ate them, I experienced itching in my mouth and throat and small hives. At first, I didn’t really pay much attention to it, but then it seemed

Connie Pullen, CNO

Stepping Down after 20 Years of Service Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) will sincerely miss their Chief Nursing Officer (CNO),  Connie Pullen who has retired from her position to step into a new role with the Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Her last day at the hospital was November 1, 2016. Connie has


We are in paradise. It doesn't get much better than this. We've been spending our days by the pool and beach, splashing and swimming. But it didn't start off so peachy. The day of our flight here was pretty much the worst day ever. In the history of bad moments, days and nights with Karson

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