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Monthly Archives: August 2017


Eye Damage After the Eclipse

What is Solar Retinopathy? The name given to eye damage which has been caused by looking directly at the sun is solar retinopathy. Your eye has an opening at the front (pupil) and a lens which adjusts to focus images you are looking at onto the retina at the back of the eye. The retina

Health Food Documentaries & A Plant Based Lifestyle?

Recently, a friend of mine told me that I just had to watch this health food documentary on Netflix. He told me that it would change how I looked at food and he guaranteed me that it would change my life forever. Wow. Big claims. I was skeptical, but I watched it. I enjoyed it

EXTREME heat, hear the WARNINGS

Extreme heat this week prompts Oregon Public Health warning Oregonians should stay hydrated, limit sun exposure as temps top 107 As the state’s temperatures break into the triple digits this week, health officials are recommending Oregonians take steps to prevent heat-related illnesses that can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. “Heat exhaustion and heat