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A feeling of lightness

One of the best things about losing weight is the feeling of lightness. Thanks to Dr Higa and his team, I have gained my life back. I have done so many things lately that I would not have done before. Last week I mentioned traveling, but there are also a million smaller things. For example, I went to the park this week and had a great time running around and playing frisbee with my friends.

The people that I choose to surround myself with are healthier and more positive than before. I think it’s important to have a good support system that encourages healthy habits. I have noticed that I am really influenced by what others around me are doing. When all people want to do is watch movies and eat, I would do that too. While there is nothing wrong with that once-in-awhile, I am trying to change my habits to going for walks and different activities that don’t revolve around food. I appreciate the spring weather because it makes getting outside easier. I am so excited that the pool near my house is opening this Saturday so I can start swimming again.

As you know it’s been a tough journey, but it’s been so rewarding to make new friends, try new things and feel healthier. Dr Higa is an amazing man, who does great work and really cares about his patients. His team is a great support system and I highly recommend using them as much as possible. My hope is that once the play is over I can start going back to the support groups and get more involved. I just want to thank everyone for your support.