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A Lifesaving Decision

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Mike Sandels- Amazing care story-Cardiac RehabIn November 2014 Mike Sandels had his second heart attack. He just happened to be walking by the WVMC emergency room on his way to undergo a CT Scan in Radiology.

Mike said, “After experiencing nausea and profuse sweating I decided to immediately walk over to the emergency room and it was a decision that saved my life.”

He was immediately attended to by the Triage Nurse and ER Doctor. The ER worked hand in hand with his primary care provider, Dr. Schmidt. It was quickly confirmed that he was having a heart attack and the staff took immediate steps to improve his condition. His Cardiologist, Dr. Spear, was also by his side during the whole ordeal. Life Flight was promptly called to take him to a cardiac hospital in Portland for an emergency procedure.

“My total time from arriving to the Emergency Room until the time I took off in the helicopter was less than 45 minutes! I was so impressed by this process. The cardiac surgeon who placed two stents in my artery, stated the emergency care I received from the WVMC doctors and staff saved my life and lessened the damage to my heart. While I was in the ER my family was at my side scared and brokenhearted. It was then that I realized I needed to change my habits, not only for me, but also for them. I entered Cardiac Rehab at WVMC in January of 2015 and go there 3 days a week. I take my time there very seriously and give 100% effort each day. On the days that I don’t have cardiac rehab, my wife and I walk on the WVMC track. We walk a minimum of three miles and have walked up to six miles. I’ve walked over 250 miles since February. I have also started eating right and am currently on a portion control diet called the 21 Day Fix. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds since January. My new habits are something I can definitely live with!”