WVMC-logo-tag-2Fostering a Healthy Community and Economy

In addition to the benefit of outstanding healthcare, Willamette Valley Medical Center provides substantial benefits to our local community. Here are some of the ways we have helped our community .

Taking Care of You

In 2017 we had more than 161,607 patient visits from your family, friends and neighbors.

Some of you came for essential preventive care, such as a mammogram or colonoscopy. Others needed blood tests or a MRI scan. Still others emergency care, a gallbladder removal, or a joint replacement.

453 of you welcomed a new family member in our family centered Birthing Center.

Helping You Afford the Care You Need

The Affordable Care Act and Cover Oregon are making it possible for more and more of you to have good health insurance. Take advantage of this opportunity to protect you and your family.

But if you are having problems paying your hospital bill, we can help. Last year we provided over $6.8 million in free and discounted care for our patients. Here’s how we can help you and your family afford the care you need.

  • If you earn less than 200% of the poverty level, have limited assets, and need hospital care, you may qualify for free care.
  • If you are uninsured, we will discount your bill 60%. No questions asked.
  • If you can pay your bill in payments in the next 12 months, we’ll accept those payments interest free.
  • If you need more time to pay, we will arrange a low-interest loan for up to 5 years.
  • For all the details, call one of our financial counselors at (503) 435-6329.

Contributing to Our Economy

Because you trust us to provide high quality care for you, over 630 employees work at Willamette Valley Medical Center.

They’re your family members, your friends, and your neighbors. They coach Little League, volunteer at your kids’ school, and march in the Santa Parade. They sing in your church choir and run in the Turkey Trot.

And they receive an annual payroll of $54.2 million. Because most of them live in our community, that money makes a big difference to our local economy.

In addition, we pay over $1.1 million in property taxes to fund our schools, pay for police and fire protection, and build our roads.

And on top of that, last year we donated another $96,000 to Boy Scouts, a Family Place, Habitat for Humanity, Henderson House, Juliette’s House, McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce, United Way, Mid-Valley Rehabilitation and many other non-profits.

Our Community Services Team leads our efforts to raise funds for other non-profits — the Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation, St. James School, Ghana Hope, A Family Place Relief Nursery, St. Barnabus Soup Kitchen, McMinnville School district,  and others. At Christmas they stuffed the bus for the Yamhill Community Action Program (YCAP).

Earning Top Quality Awards and Recognition

At Willamette Valley Medical Center quality care is our absolute top priority. And we work hard at it.

  • Because of our success, we were named an iVantage Health Analytics® 2017 HealthStrong Top 100 Rural Hospital. That’s right. iVantage recognized us as one of the best 100 hospitals in the United States.
  • The Joint Commission — America’s most prestigious healthcare accreditation organization — has named us a top performer on key quality measures five years in a row. Making WVMC one of only 117 hospitals in the Nation to receive such accreditation.
  • We are also the top performing hospital in Oregon by Health Research and Educational Trust/American Hospital Association.
  • HealthGrades has given us a 5 star rating for pneumonia, respiratory failure and sepsis care. What does that rating mean? It means that we are very, very good at taking care of very, very sick patients.