The mission of Willamette Valley Medical Center is simple:

You matter. Amazing care every time.

We have adopted this mission statement to help us focus on what truly matters: You. Our commitment is to make sure our patients receive amazing care every time they have contact with Willamette Valley Medical Center.

This is a lofty mission. When patients come to our hospital they will be touched by so many people: personnel in admitting, housekeeping, and our business office; nurses in our cancer center, emergency department, Birthing Center and intensive care unit; volunteers, physicians, technicians, and therapists.

To make sure our patients and their families have an amazing experience, we want to make sure you experience the same as an employee.

Our mission is driven by our core values:


Integrity reflects on the quality of a person’s character. We are accountable for our actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. We are honest with ourselves, our coworkers and our patients. We are loyal. We treat others with respect. We do not gossip. We approach conflict directly, privately, and with a desire to improve the relationship.


Innovators value diversity and embrace ideas that are different from their own. We expand our capacity through learning. We apply knowledge to challenges. We use technology and new techniques to improve care within our hospital. We’re not afraid to try something, just because it hasn’t been done before. We adapt to change with a positive attitude. We recognize failure, and learn to try again.


Compassion means approaching every individual with caring and concern. We provide compassionate care. We seek opportunities to put the needs of others before our own. We connect with patients to relieve their stress, anxiety and help them heal. We provide service to our community.


Celebration adds joy and enriches life. We are happy. We value life and celebrate healing with our patients. We recognize good around us. We work hard, and we play hard. We celebrate personal success as well as the success of others.


Teamwork is about working together to achieve more than we can alone. We coordinate our efforts at every opportunity. We recognize that one person, one department and even one hospital cannot do it alone. We trust each other. We face challenges by working with others. We look for opportunities to collaborate, cooperate, and coordinate to improve healthcare in our community.

It is the daily application of these values that helps us provide amazing care every time for our patients.

Visit our Voices section to read amazing care stories from some of our patients. And let us know how we’re doing!