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All good things must come to an end!

Home/"My Weight-Loss Journey" by Stephanie/All good things must come to an end!

This will be my final blog about my WLS journey. I am sad to go, but the good news is that my one year surgerversary is this Saturday! It’s be an amazing journey full of ups and downs. I’d like to leave you all with a few stories and lessons I’ve learned.

First, I can not reiterate enough how important a good support system is. When I first told people that I was having WLS, I felt rejected and put down. But once people realized I was serious, they began to support me to the best of their abilities. I realized that you have to let go of those who bring you down and be patient with the ones who stay. It might take sometime, but if they can feel how dedicated you are about this journey, they will begin to take it seriously. If I need help, it’s better for me to reach out, than to go on an eating binge.

Another lesson I learned was to be completely honest with myself about my progress. Losing weight is a lot harder than I realized. If I stay focused and make a concious decision to not eat certain foods, then I can succeed. I learned how to say “no” to food, which is probably makes the biggest difference in my diet.

Finally, I learned that exercise is essential in losing weight. This is obvious, but also hard to put into practice. I still struggle working out three times a week, if not more. My hope is that everyone can find an activity that they are passionate about and pursue that. I am excited for summer because my favorite form of exercise is swimming. Just pick something and do it. But don’t be afraid to try new things.

I want to thank my parents, siblings and boyfriend for getting me through the hard times and celebrating my acheivements. I also want to thank my friends, the McMinnville Surgical Associates team and hospital for their expertise. Without Dr Higa and his team, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as healthy or happy as I am now. Thank you to everyone who has read my blogs, stood by my side and given me someone to talk to. I appreciate all of your support.

I am still losing weight and look forward to see what the future holds. Now that l have graduated and am traveling, things are changing quickly in my life. But I know I will never lose my connection with my WLS supporters and companions. Thank you!