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When I started writing these weekly posts, two and a half years ago, I was 18 weeks pregnant with twins. I had no idea what lay ahead of me and how much my life would change. At first putting myself out there in a weekly discussion was difficult. Sharing pictures of my huge belly was


We are in paradise. It doesn't get much better than this. We've been spending our days by the pool and beach, splashing and swimming. But it didn't start off so peachy. The day of our flight here was pretty much the worst day ever. In the history of bad moments, days and nights with Karson

Getting their own rooms!

I was so excited to give Lucy her own room and in turn, Karson, his. They've always shared a room. Their cribs are side by side. Karson and Lucy spend so much time together, I thought having their own private space would be good for them. And so, I slowly started gathering, dreaming and pulling


Today, Karson and Lucy turn two years old! What a difference a year makes. They seem so much older, bigger and more like their own independent selves. Still, they are the same as they've always been.Karson, for the most part is my happy go lucky guy. From the beginning of the day, he always wakes

Communicating with the twins

As Karson and Lucy approach two years of age, Nate and I are constantly reminiscing about how far they have come. They've learned and grown so much. We're always amazed at how much they understand what we say and the world around them. Though their words are still limited and sentences are still coming along,

Facebook Groups

Most days as a parent I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm almost two years into this parenting gig but it seems every time I start getting things figured out, everything changes. For the past few months we've been in this really sweet spot. Karson and Lucy are becoming more independent,

The last weeks of summer

The back to school pictures are starting to flood in. Days are noticeably shorter. The end of summer is officially nearing. August always reminds me of a Sunday. Sunday is one of the best days of the week but there's that lingering feeling behind it that the next day is Monday and we all know

Our First Aid and CPR course

Since becoming parents, Nate has stressed the importance of feeling comfortable and knowledgeable with first aid and CPR. Nate is experienced with both but I'm afraid I would be the type to fall more into panic mode. That's not acceptable when I'm constantly caring for two little ones that depend on me. Nate has demonstrated

Potty Training

Nothing quite goes with a baby like changing diapers. In the last 22 months I've done my fair share. I was curious so I looked up the numbers and it's estimated a baby will go through over 5,000 diapers in the first two years. Multiply that by two and you get a whopping 10,000! But

Their second birthday

With just a couple months away from Karson and Lucy's second birthday, I once again find myself examining where we are in our weaning process of breastfeeding. When we passed my goal of one year, I said I'd stop at two. I think I'm ready for this part of our journey to end but Karson

The arrival of summer

The arrival of summer heat has been drawing us toward the water. Last week we visited Detroit Lake. We jumped in the river this past weekend and the ocean is up next! Our backyard kiddie pool has been in the rotation too. Nothing cools you off on a hot summer day like water. The splashing

Celebrating our Anniversary

Nate and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary this past Saturday. We stayed the night at the Brookside Inn where we had our wedding. My eyes filled with tears as we made our way into the familiar but long visited premises. We had a glorious weekend celebrating our love story. A glorious weekend, just

The Babysitter

This past weekend Nate and I took the plunge and recruited our first non-family-member babysitter. Our family has always been more than willing to watch Karson and Lucy but we don't want to overstep our bounds and sometimes they're not always available. It's nice to have options. We called upon a neighbor who lives down

Our first rodeo and camping trip

We had a fun filled, festive, long holiday weekend that included the babies' first rodeo and first camping trip. I snapped some great photos to document the occasions. They will be great reminders of our time but I promise they don't reveal the whole picture. Here's what you can't see in our picture perfect shots.

They’re listening.

Lately I've been catching Karson and Lucy respond to things I say in front of them, even when I'm not talking directly to them. When I tell someone Lucy has a bit of an attitude she'll flash a cheesy, attention grabbing grin as if to say, "Not me?!" When I say they're driving me crazy

Hallelujah, it’s summer!

Longer days mean later nights. Frolics in fields. Campfires. Camping. Trips to the beach. Kiddie pools. Summer dresses. Days at the park. Popsicles. Sleeping under the stars. Running through the sprinklers. Watermelon, fresh berries for days. Carefully arranging flowers from my parents’ garden and dinner too, eaten outside of course. Warm, sunkissed skin. Summer concerts

Our road trip to Idaho

We recently arrived back home from a fun road trip to Idaho to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. We stayed at a hotel for three nights which meant sleeping, eating and spending our days amongst witnesses to the craziness that is Karson and Lucy. Disrupted schedules and new surroundings made for poor sleep and cranky

Having a “life”

When I was younger I thought my parents were lame for not having more of a "life." My brother, sister and I were the center of their world, followed by their careers which they both can be admired for. I'm lucky to say we spent a lot of time together as a family. Even in

Patience is…

I've never had my patience tested as often and as prolonged as I do these days. But then again I don't think I ever quite knew what patience was before I had kids. Now, I feel like an expert. Patience is... ...taking ten minutes to go up the stairs with your children because they want

Sensitivity to loud noises

For as long as I can remember in her short little life, Lucy has always been sensitive to loud noises and things out of the ordinary. The blender, the vacuum, the hair dryer, helicopters, planes, lawnmowers and loud trucks are all examples of things that can set her off, even when they aren't running. She'll

What about those twins?

I always get asked if twins run in my family. "Not that I know of" is usually my answer. There's also, "You must have been shocked when you found out you were having twins!" But to tell the truth, I wasn't really shocked at all. Karson and Lucy weren't what some people call, "spontaneous." In

Riding the adventure train

Riding the adventure train with Karson and Lucy has been pretty awesome lately. This past week, I went on a nice hike, dressed up like an alien, and strolled through the zoo. I sang "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" about a hundred times and sat in a kiddie pool in the middle of a warm

Goals in breastfeeding

A lot of people are surprised that I'm still nursing at 18 months despite there's no magic number of months you're supposed to adhere to. My doctor and others recommend two years but for some reason anything over a year elicits some kind of reaction from others. My original goal in breastfeeding was to make

They’re not babies anymore

Karson and Lucy are 18 months now. Although they'll always be my babies, in recent months, I haven't been sure if I should refer to them as babies or toddlers. There's no mistaking now, they're not babies anymore. They run and dance and climb. They play and babble and sing. They know how to throw

Cruising in the Bahamas

Last week, Nate and I enjoyed a wonderful cruise in the Bahamas. Karson and Lucy stayed with my parents giving us a much needed break. We had an amazing trip but now I'm glad to be home, recharged and recalibrated in a fulfilled state of mind. Heading out was strange at first. Checking into our

Visiting the Easter Bunny

A few years back, I remember it was Easter and my sister and brother in law were away for a friend's wedding. They left their two little ones with my parents. Nate and I were both shocked that they would leave their kids and travel on a family holiday. But who were we to judge?

Time Spent Reading

We spend a lot of time reading books to Karson and Lucy. We all know reading books to children is important. Reading aloud improves their language development and communication skills. The one on one (or in my case, one on two) time is nurturing, and exposing children to books opens new worlds of creativity. I'm

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