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Hallelujah, it’s summer!

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Longer days mean later nights. Frolics in fields. Campfires. Camping. Trips to the beach. Kiddie pools. Summer dresses. Days at the park. Popsicles. Sleeping under the stars. Running through the sprinklers. Watermelon, fresh berries for days. Carefully arranging flowers from my parents’ garden and dinner too, eaten outside of course. Warm, sunkissed skin. Summer concerts in the park. This is what I remember. This is what summer feels like to me.

Summer is so magical. Especially through the eyes of a child. The meaning of summer changes a bit as you become an adult but those memories from your younger years never leave. They have a lasting impression and each year as summer waves away the dreary winter and wet spring, the anticipation and memories ignite an energy everyone can feel and appreciate.

For the most part, Nate and I still get to dictate what summer looks like to our family. Aside from our daily routines, much of my time is spent following behind Karson and Lucy while they explore outside and I convince them not to pick things they shouldn’t. On weekends, with our babes in our arms or close by, our days are spent around the garden and tending to chores around the property. When work is done, we’ve been frequenting a favorite winery near our house where we get a moment to adult while we try to keep Karson and Lucy occupied and out of trouble.

They may be too young to fully appreciate some of the things I want to squeeze out of summer and my expectations may not match the new reality of our experiences as a family, but maybe they will surpass them in others ways.

And then in the coming years Karson and Lucy will start to dictate our routines more and more. Little league sports. A lot more driving. Dropping them off at their friends’ house or sleepovers at ours. They’ll form their own perspectives of what summer is. Maybe it will be similar to mine, maybe not.

Summers in Oregon go by so fast. We only have so many of them and when you trudge through an Oregon winter, you need to embrace summer and cherish every ounce it gives you.

I can tell you we’re ready! We’re going to take summer by the horns. We’ll ride it out until the leaves turn golden and start to fall. We’ll fill up our tank of sunshine enough to fill us up and get us through next winter. We’ll bask in the warm sunshine and give thanks for the seasons and the appreciation that seasons don’t really change, they just rejuvenate. They’re one thing we can count on, year after year. Like an old friend, summer will always be there. I can’t wait to share this beautiful season with those I love most dearly. Happy Summer everyone!