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Halloween Gloom

twins nov 3In my book, Halloween has always marked the official entry into the gloomy season of Oregon’s winter. Anyone who tried to go trick-or-treating this past weekend may say the same. We had the excitement of a power outage and spent the later evening by fire and candlelight. Fall may still be upon us, but those glowy, golden days we have been basking in are quickly being replaced with a much colder and darker version.

The incurrence of Daylight Savings Time has given us extra reason to believe winter is swiftly encroaching. An hour of extra sleep? Please. My two little ones didn’t get the memo, bringing our new wake up time closer to 5:00am rather than the typical 6:00. We are slowly adjusting but in the meantime if I were more disciplined I would go to bed a little earlier.

In fact, I should take the whole winter’s opportunity of early nights to go to bed a little earlier. This time of the year certainly has it’s perks that should be taken advantage of. We should eat lots of soup, sip pots of warm tea, snuggle up to cozy fires, and roast chickens and pot roasts. And even though the weather outside may be dreadful, we’ll have to brave it to protect our sanity and in turn be rewarded with brisk, refreshing air.

In Oregon they say if you wait for the rain to end you’ll never get outside. I’ll have to raise Karson and Lucy like the true Oregonians they are. They’ll shun at umbrellas, wear fleece jackets and maybe even someday have their very own membership at REI.

I say that jokingly, but truly I hope I can raise them to enjoy Oregon in all it’s seasonal glory. Although it’s taken me a while, I’m slowly getting there. When I was younger I had hopes of heading south in search of an eternal summer where I’d work on the perfect tan all year long.

But as I’ve gotten older (and my skin has become more damaged) I’ve come to appreciate the seasons more with every passing year. Their circular rotation feels essential to our well being.

And so, this November, we’ll do as the only way we know. Bustled up in our warmest fleeces (and Carhartts too) we’ll garner in the changing of the season with cozy days and nights. With bellies full of warm soup, we’ll do our best to take advantage of the occasional bluebird days as they come and try to stock up on sleep. I’ll embrace this time because I know what riches lay on the other side. We may have to get a little more creative keeping ourselves occupied all day but with the right approach this winter will be one to remember. I’m glad I have these two shining lights to brighten the way.