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“If You’re In Pain, Get it Done Tomorrow,” Says Hip Replacement Patient

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Tom Jackson endured terrible pain in his hips for more than two years. He walked with a limp and labored at work, but since both knees were replaced a decade ago, he wasn’t keen on another surgery. After a serious fall, he finally sought help at our Joint Replacement Institute.

“I fell down deer hunting and almost broke my shoulder!” Jackson said. He learned both his hips were bone-on-bone at that point, qualifying him for double hip replacement surgery.

Dr. Michael Vessely, orthopedic physician, performed an anterior approach hip replacement surgery. In this surgical approach the incision is in the front of the hip instead of down the sides or in the back of the hip, impacting less muscle and allowing a faster recovery. Jackson was able to walk to the bathroom within hours of the surgery, returned to work within five weeks and was driving again at six weeks – all thanks to Dr. Vessely’s expertise.

“Vessely is one heck of a surgeon. And a total human! He sits down and talks with you; goes the extra mile,” Jackson enthused. “It;s been years since I had a doctor like that. I can;t say enough.”

Jackson was impressed with all aspects of his care, noting he got to meet with his anesthesiologist a few days prior to surgery for a consult. “They really care about their patients,” he said. “And the food’s not bad either, which surprised me.”

Now three months post surgery, Jackson is practically pain-free and back to 80% of his activity. He’s owner of Tom Jackson Lock and Key, located in front of State Farm on 99W in McMinnville, and he’s thrilled to be able to freely climb in and out of his truck to service his clients.

His advice to others with joint problems is not to wait.

“Willamette Valley Medical Center has such a good program. I can’t think of a single way they could improve it,” Jackson said. “If you’re in pain, get it done tomorrow! Waiting just makes it worse.”

For more information about the Joint Replacement Institute, call Natalie Reed, program manager, at 503-435-6571.