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It Was Miracle After Miracle After Miracle

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Robert Grady, pastor at McMinnville Christian Faith Center, came to Willamette Valley Medical Center with intense abdominal pain.

While he was in our emergency department, his blood pressure started dropping. “The blood pressure just kept dropping, dropping, dropping,” explains his wife, Denise. Within minutes, he flatlined.

Thanks to the quick response of our intensive care unit physicians and nurses, his heartbeat returned. But his kidneys had quit working. His liver was dying.

We knew we needed to transport him for specialty care to Oregon Health & Sciences University, but his condition was too unstable for a move.

Although Robert is doing well today, because of what he went through he has little memory of his hospital stay, so Denise speaks for him.

“It was miracle after miracle after miracle,” says Denise. “We prayed for the doctor’s decisions and we prayed for the staff. For their strength, their wisdom, their insight. Everything.

“Everything they did – every decision they made – was perfect. We were so grateful. The care of the staff and the doctors – it was outstanding. If they had not made the decisions they made, he would not be here today. I can not thank them enough.”

Photo: Pastor Robert Grady, his wife Denise, and daughter Chantal.