Capella MVP Award_Kamper_Galbraith_2015McMinnville, Sept. 24, 2015- In the world of healthcare, there is no one person that saves the day, but instead, a team of people working together to save EVERY day. Health systems are so intricate and stretch throughout multiple facilities with hundreds of moving parts. The team of people that have been brought together at Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) bring those moving parts together flawlessly to create a hospital and organization that is centered on providing the highest quality care to its community. With that said, Capella Healthcare would like to recognize two people from WVMC who have gone above and beyond their responsibilities and recognize them for their willingness and their success in coaching, leading and serving the McMinnville community and Capella Healthcare family.

Mark Medley presented the first MVP award to Carla Galbraith saying, “Carla, the Infection Preventionist at WVMC, has long been the leader among the Infection Preventionists throughout the Capella family. She is self-motivated to share her knowledge on National Healthcare Safety Network requirements, develop new formats for corporate reports, and to offer solutions for Meditech 6.0 issues. She has provided invaluable assistance to our corporate team and to sister hospitals. Unfortunately for us all, she is going to be retiring in October. She will be solely missed by this hospital, Beverly Craig on our corporate team, and by all of her Capella IP colleagues.” However although she is moving on, the foundation she has helped form and fostered will continue on.

Second, Mark presented the MVP award to Karl Kamper saying, “Karl, the Lab Director at WVMC, has been our lab resource for Capella’s hospitals who have labs that are accredited by the College of American Pathologists. He just led Willamette’s lab through survey, achieving NO deficiencies. And, last year he served Capella as an on-site consultant for our two hospital labs in Oklahoma as times got tough and surveyors were coming. His work achieved excellent results. Servant leadership is his standard approach, and his work has benefited us all… and we hope will continue to in the years to come.”