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Merry Christmas!

12376096_1214807985202644_5166449838183686287_nMerry Christmas!!!! Although it’s rare to have a white Christmas around here, it’s still a special time of year. I feel so blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest where we have fresh trees, decent weather and beautiful scenery.

Speaking of trees, Jason and I got our first tree together a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun. We ended up going to a farm outside of Woodburn and cut down a little blue fir tree. Although it was difficult to set up, it’s turned out beautiful with teal ornaments and a homemade wooden tree topper. We also had fun making a rustic wood advent calendar and personalized stockings.

This is my first Christmas where I am not just celebrating with my family, but with Jason and his family. It’s bittersweet to take these steps into adulthood, but it’s also exciting. I believe that my first major step into becoming an independent, healthy adult was when I decided to get bariatric surgery around 10 months ago. Knowing my insurance wasn’t going to cover my surgery, this was my first major purchase I have ever made in my life. I also navigated the appointments, bills and preparations by myself. I had the support of my family, but it was my “thing” and so I had to take responsibility. I look back now and feel happy I was able to get through it all and can move on to better health.

It’s a lot harder to lose weight now that my body has adjusted to its new lifestyle, but with regular exercise and watching my diet I can get back on track. I look at this season of hope and love and I am encouraged to keep going, because I WILL succeed!! Whatever holidays you celebrate, I hope that everyone can have a peaceful and happy winter!