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October is Apple Month

carly-oct. 30Did you know….

October is National Apple Month, did you know? Yesterday, I attended a field trip with my son Henry’s class to an Apple Farm in Beaverton, Oregon. The kids had a great time. We learned that there are over 100 varieties grown in the United States. The students were able to taste test multiple varieties of apples grown on the farm. In addition to tasting new apples, the staff at the farm also encouraged apple consumption at home due to health reasons. Apples are a great option as they are available year around and are a good source of vitamin C and fiber. Make sure you eat the peel because that is where the majority of the fiber is!! One cup of chopped apples provides only 65 calories, so it is a great low-calorie food or snack option. The US Apple Association (http://www.usapple.org/index.php) is such a fun website that provides information on the different varieties of apples, provides recipes, and legislative. From this site, it is clear there are so many ways apples can be incorporated into your daily diet. I added a picture of Henry’s favorite apple item at the farm…..Apple Cider!