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Orbera and a Weight Loss Success Story

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March 2017, Original Weight 239 LBS

August 2017, Lost 40 LBS

October 2017, Lost 54 LBS

21 weeks after having  Orbera  placed, I have lost about 54 pounds. I have six weeks before balloon is removed and still have another 10 pounds to hit my goal. The focus right now is with the nutritionist. We are really thinking through the time when Orbera is removed and managing the daily intake of protein vrs. carbs to maintain my weight and fitness goals.  Although I hit a plateau in month four, when I added another weight lifting day to my workout schedule and upped my calories, I found myself losing weight again.  Generally, I have been able to maintain about 850 calories a day and feel fine. I am 5’10” and workout six days a week, so a lower calorie diet was a little tricky to keep nutritional needs satisfied. I think the next big benchmark will be the maintenance part of the plan. But I feel great, can swim longer, and have dropped two dress sizes!

Orbera is not a magic wand; you have to keep a food diary – manage calorie and protein intake and work on an exercise program to build muscle and ramp up a tired metabolism.

Heidi Henry

Corvallis, Oregon


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