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Our first rodeo and camping trip

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We had a fun filled, festive, long holiday weekend that included the babies’ first rodeo and first camping trip. I snapped some great photos to document the occasions. They will be great reminders of our time but I promise they don’t reveal the whole picture. Here’s what you can’t see in our picture perfect shots.

We only got to see the first five minutes of the rodeo because Lucy wouldn’t stop kicking the people in front of us and neither of them would stop screaming. We stepped out for a bit to try to collect ourselves but when we came back it was even worse. I really thought they would love the rodeo but they were so tired and hot they couldn’t stay focused on what was going on.

In the pictures of our 4th of July celebration while camping, you can see kids happily playing on the dock of a picture perfect lake. One in particular was taken just minutes before Karson fell off the dock. In a split second I jumped in, fully clothed to grab him. I was standing there in my sopping wet clothes holding him and laughing until I saw the back of his head was all smeared with blood. He scraped it pretty good on a rock. He was fine but it gave us a good scare.

The dust settled on that mishap and our evening went on. I have a beautiful picture of us enjoying a sunset over the lake just before the fireworks started. Surprisingly, Karson and Lucy did great but the photo doesn’t show the following hours we attempted to get two overtired little ones to fall asleep in a tent. Plenty of tears and screaming were involved.

Just like most of our days, our highs are really high and our lows can be pretty low. But in the end, it really was a wonderful weekend and I wouldn’t have done anything different. I’m glad we took Karson and Lucy to the rodeo and so thankful we got to go camping. Overall, we had a fabulous weekend with rich experiences and memories that we will cherish in the coming years.

I don’t have pictures of the lows because most of the time in those moments I’m too busy tending to whatever whirlwind is happening. But mostly I don’t have pictures of those moments because that’s not what I want to remember. Our lives aren’t perfect but every once in a while the moment couldn’t be any more perfect. Those are the moments to celebrate, the ones I hold onto, to help me get through the rough ones. I’m thankful for the pictures that help me do that.