Patient Access Services

Location: Please Check in at the “Information Desk” located through the front entrance on the right.

Director: Lori Kernutt
Phone: 503.435-4522


Please contact our Central Scheduling office to schedule Physician ordered tests such as: Mammograms, MRI, CT scan, Nuclear Medicine tests, Ultrasounds, etc. You can even register with them at the same time and Fast Track your registration when you arrive for your appointment.

Phone: 503.435.4540     Fax: 503.435.4532
Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm


We know your time is valuable for a more convenient way to register a test or procedure, including lab and x-ray, you can call our Registration Line which will Fast Track your registration when you arrive.

Phone: 503.435.6520
Monday-Friday 9:30am-6:00pm


For scheduled admissions, please bring the following items:

  • Picture ID (driver’s license, state ID card, passport, etc)
  • All assignable insurance cards
  • Advanced Directive or Living Will, if you have one
  • Physician orders with diagnosis
  • Out-of-Pocket payment responsibility

Estimates for hospital charges

Willamette Valley Medical Center is here to help you plan for your medical expenses. We offer estimates for hospital charges prior to arrival. To get the most accurate estimate, it is helpful to have the CPT and Diagnosis codes for the procedure or test you wish to have estimated. Your doctor’s office can give you the codes. Our estimates are based on “usual and customary charges.” These are strictly estimates and may change depending on physician treatment plans and/or patient complications. Please note that Physician fees and/or Radiology/Pathology interpretation charges are not included in the estimated facility charges. These charges are billed separately by these offices. 

To get an estimate, please call our “Estimate Line” at (800) 370-1983

For more information about healthcare prices and understand your bill better please visit the site below

Helping you afford the care you need

MedData (previously Cardon Outreach) began working onsite at Willamette Valley Medical Center in March of 2015. We have three onsite patient advocates who screen patients for eligibility for the Oregon Health Plan as well as a variety of other programs such as Crime Victim’s Compensation, Disability, and eligibility for commercial insurance – In 2016 alone, our team helped secure benefits for over 2200 patients with hospital charges totaling almost $10 million!Included below are several helpful links that provide more information about MedData as well as the programs we work with:

MedData patient advocates are here to help, please call them at (503) 435-6332. They are also very knowledgeable in other programs such as:

Medicaid Disability Other Programs
Enrollment Assistance SSI/SSDI Applications Qualified Health Plan Enrollment
Long-Term Care Application Assistance Representation at Hearing Level COBRA Assistance
Medicaid Secondary Assistance Appeals Council Support Victims of Crime Services

But if you are having problems paying your hospital bill, we can help. Last year we provided $20+ million in free and discounted care for our patients. The following are some of the options you have:

  • If you are uninsured, we will discount your bill 60% automatically
  • If you pay your estimated bill prior to or upon discharge, we will discount your bill 20%.
  • Payment plan agreements are available to be made. Please contact the suggested number on your statement.
  • If you earn less than 200% of the poverty level, have limited assets, and had/having hospital care, you may qualify for further assistance, call (800) 433-1009

For more information, call (855) 269-1997