Whether or not this will be your first baby, becoming familiar with the Birthing Center and its staff is an essential part of preparing for your delivery. We encourage you to sign up for birthing classes that include a personal tour of our facilities.

If this is your first time coming to the Birthing Center, as you turn off Highway 18 toward Willamette Valley Medical Center, continue straight through the intersection along the right side of the Hospital.

My Baby ExpectationsFollow the road as it turns left and the Birthing Center will come into view on your left hand side. On your right, you will see the quarter mile walking track that is available to all visitors. We also have plenty of free parking.

Head through the sliding door and into the waiting room. As an added security measure for the safety of our moms and new babies, the door to the birthing center is locked. Simply pick up the phone to the right of the door and inform the staff that you are in the waiting area. They will buzz you in. Welcome, to the Birthing Center at Willamette Valley Medical Center.