For the Labor or Birthing Room

  • Your favorite music and speaker that can help soothe you
  • A camera and video camera to catch those magic moments
  • Powders, lotions or massaging oils that you like
  • A hairbrush if you like having your hair brushed for comfort
  • A tennis ball for a counter massage should lower backache become a problem.
  • Heavy socks in case your feet become cold

For the Hospital Room

  • A robe
  • Perfume, powder or body spray…whatever makes you feel fresh
  • Toiletries, including shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, makeup and any other beauty or hygiene products you may want
  • A going-home outfit for you (something loose and comfortable that fit you in your second or third trimester)
  • A going-home outfit for the baby and a blanket if it is cold
  • Baby car seat and base for our nurses to check for safety