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Willamette Valley Medical Center was the first facility in Oregon and one of the first in the U.S. to offer revolutionary 3D tomosynthesis mammography.   Tomosynthesis captures 3D images, and provides our patients with the earliest detection and most accurate results. According to the JAMA study, 3D breast tomosynthesis yields a 41% increase in the detection of invasive breast cancers (p<.001) 1. We also now uses a lower dose High Definition 3D mammogram which reduces dose by 50 % and provides even sharper images.

Willamette Valley Medical Center in addition to offering the latest technology keeps patient’s comfort in mind. Our preferred breast center provides every woman with a Mammo Pad breast cushion during their mammogram. This soft foam pad serves as a cushion between the patient and the mammography system. This allows our patients to relax knowing the machine will be warm, soft, and comfortable.

Our preferred breast center offers comprehensive evaluation for women who have a new breast symptom or have had an abnormal screening mammogram. Our mammography staff and ultrasound staff are highly trained and work as a team with our radiologist to obtain breast imaging studies necessary, most times in a single visit, to help expedite care. If breast biopsies are necessary we are able to schedule those in most cases in less than a week, and we arrange any follow up appointments with our local breast surgeons to obtain those results.

Willamette Valley Medical Center also offers Breast MRI. Breast MRI can be used as a screening or diagnostic tool in breast imaging. Patients that have a lifetime risk of breast cancer greater than 20 % should consider yearly screening breast MRI. Patients with dense breast tissue are also good candidates for screening breast MRI.

Willamette Valley Medical Center also offers ultrasound guided breast biopsies, stereotactic guided breast biopsies, MRI guided breast biopsies, as well as needle localization, and sentinel node biopsies.

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