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About the Joint Replacement Institute

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Comprehensive Care Center

The Joint Replacement Institute at Willamette Valley Medical Center is a comprehensive unit that features:

  • Valuable patient and family education
  • Enhanced post-surgery pain management
  • Coordinated program and individualized physical and occupational therapy
  • Dedicated unit with specially trained staff

The Institute is a dedicated unit focused on the recovery of patients after total hip or total knee replacement surgery. We feature private rooms and a wellness theme with a strong emphasis on early mobility and proper pain control after surgery.The Institute focuses on patient education and preparation in order for patients to have the most successful joint replacement surgery. Patients receive a comprehensive guidebook when they are scheduled for surgery, which has information ranging from pre-operative instructions to at-home exercises.

In addition to the guidebooks, patients and their families attend a pre-operative class to prepare for surgery and address questions not answered in the guidebooks. This also gives patients the chance to meet others who will be having surgery.

For further support, patients are asked to identify a coach to help both in the hospital and at home after surgery. Patients and their coaches participate in group physical therapy classes that focus on a home exercise and recovery program.

All areas of care are coordinated from the time patients get up in the morning and dressed in their own clothes to meal times, medication times, group exercise class and individualized therapy. Nurses, therapists, physicians and other staff work closely together to provide the best possible care for all patients.

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