Like you I’m sure, I’ve known about portion control for a long time. There have been times in my life where I’ve been very good about being conscious of how much and what I’m eating, and conversely there have been many times where I could care less about the size or the content.

Over the last two weeks, my wife and I have been trying to eat healthier and we are giving our very best effort to prepare all of our meals in advance to exact portion control specifics. It takes a lot of energy and focus, but it takes out the guesswork and allows us to feel in control of what we eat at all times.

Portion control is a hot topic throughout the health industry right now and it’s one that you need to bring into your household and start talking about it. We live in a supersize society with mega gigantic soda cups and enormous bacon burgers on nearly every street corner. We’ve got to find ways to combat this lifestyle and help introduce healthy habits to our children.

When eating at many restaurants, it’s hard to miss that portion sizes have gotten larger in over the last few decades. The trend has also spilled over into the grocery store and vending machines, where a bagel has become a BAGEL and an “individual” bag of chips can easily feed more than one. Research shows that people unintentionally consume more calories when faced with larger portions. This can mean significant excess calorie intake, especially when eating high-calorie foods. (CDC, 2015)

We all know that when you consume more calories than you nutritionally need, you gain weight. As portion sizes have increased over the years, people have been eater more and our waistlines have also increased in size. Right now, our country is the sickest and fattest it’s ever been. It’s time to change that.

In order to keep your weight in a your healthy range, it’s imperative that you eat the right balance of foods in the right portion sizes. Take the time to go to the grocery store and really examine what you are buying. Analyze the nutrition facts and serving sizes.

What you see in my picture is four days of my fruits and vegetables. I portioned out each correct serving size and made put them in individual bags. This helps me have a snack ready at any moment’s notice. Rather than making a bad decision in the spur of the moment and grabbing something quick, easy, and usually unhealthy; I can now grab one of my prepared snacks and I’m good to go.

You need to have strategies and tools to help you stick to your portion plan when you are out and about, traveling, hanging with friends, at holiday events, or really anything that presents you with opportunities to overeat. Again this takes planning and preparation.

Here at WVMC we have dieticians, nutritionists, nurses, physicians, and many more health care providers who are committed to giving you the tools and information you need understand portion control. Cheers.