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Taking the time to write…

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12472788_1294033223946786_3969600453488981473_nHello again! Although I love making video blogs, it’s always nice to be able to take the time to write one out too. March was a very busy month between finishing up my Winter term and spring break. However, the next few months are full throttle between school, Rotaract and theater.

Right now I am finishing off school and plan to graduate in June. That means I have to successfully complete five more classes in order to walk. I am excited because they are all very interesting and varied; ranging from English to Strategic Management. However, I am nervous because each class in my schedule has ended up having a very large work load. But it’s time for me to finish school and try new things.

Along with school, I have been leading a community service club called Salem Rotaract. We do a variety of events including helping out at the Marion-Polk Food Share, Adopt-a-Street and we support Rotary International. I am also playing the lead role in “Things My Mother Taught Me” by Katherine DiSavino at Aumsville Community Theatre.

As you can see, I am having a wonderful time right now keeping busy. The problem is that I have not been taking as good of care of myself as I should. I tend to eat out a lot more than I used to because of lack of time. I also have not had many chances to work out. Fortunately, I have been keeping up on my walking on the weekends and around campus.

I think my biggest struggle is not being prepared ahead of time. When I first started this WLS journey, I promised that I would make my meals before the week and bring them with me on busy days. Easier said than done!
In order to beat my old habits and continue to lose weight, I need to take baby steps towards being more prepared. One of the ways is to bring protein bars, snacks and water with me to school. That way, even if I can’t get in a full meal, I will still get my nutrition in. Another way that can help me improve is by buying some new workout gear. I recently got some awesome running shoes, but only have dingy, old sweatpants. If I got some cute work out clothes and wore them to school, then I am more likely to go for a run or to the gym when I can find the time.

I know there are so many other ways for me to improve, but like I said, I am taking baby steps back in the right direction. Thank you all for your support. It’s especially needed in times like these, where things don’t go according to plan. I am still extremely motivated to succeed in losing and keeping my excess weight off. I just need to buckle down and stay on top of it, even when things get hectic.