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The last weeks of summer

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The back to school pictures are starting to flood in. Days are noticeably shorter. The end of summer is officially nearing. August always reminds me of a Sunday. Sunday is one of the best days of the week but there’s that lingering feeling behind it that the next day is Monday and we all know what that means.

How do we relish in these last couple weeks without letting the end bring us down? I want to take a million pictures to hold on to these fleeting moments with my children in this place we will never be again. I want to experience it all I can. But now is not the time to race around and check everything off our bucket list. Ours certainly has some holes in it but did we have fun? Yes. Was I ever bored? Never. What more could I ask for?

We can’t stop time. We’ll always be traveling figuratively from point A to point B, the scenery ever changing, always surprising us. Sometimes it’s wonderful and we bask in gratitude and sometimes it disappoints us, helping us grow. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Isn’t that where happiness comes from? When we relax and enjoy the journey with all it’s surprises? The serendipitous encounters with friends. The unexpected moments of peace, satisfaction and comfort. The unexpected pride found in a job well done or a lesson learned.

Summer is ending but life goes on. No matter where we are in life’s path these little moments are what fills it with joy. Sometimes they happen under the glowing warm sun on the beach, sometimes they happen on a rainy evening sitting by a glowing fire.

There will never come a time when I am glad to see summer end but it won’t keep me from enjoying fall and the gentle contrast it brings. Thank God for the beautiful changing of leaves, pumpkins, football and another day to travel through this life with the ones I love.