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The Ebola virus is the topic of discussion on nearly every platform around the country right now. Here at WVMC, we understand the importance of being prepared to care for a suspected Ebola patient, as well as the need to protect the safety of our community members and our staff.

Our staff is educated and informed.

– We have built and constructed specific Ebola patient management protocols that all staff members have been informed of, every day, every shift.

– We have built an Ebola management education section on our hospital intranet that contains up to date CDC information and recommendations, as well as specific training videos.

Our hospital campus is prepared and can safely isolate a suspected Ebola patient.

– We are asking questions at all points of entry to our hospital to determine if patients have had possible Ebola exposures in the previous 21 days.

– Using the CDC Ebola algorithm and our own WVMC Ebola protocol, we can safely and quickly determine if a patient has had possible exposure to the virus.

– If a patient has been exposed to the Ebola Virus and has flu like symptoms, we have a plan and the means to immediately and safely transfer the patient to an isolated hospital unit, equip with negative pressure rooms. This unit is ready and on stand-by, right now.

Our leadership is strong, focused, and committed to keeping our staff and community members safe.

– Hospital leaders and administrators are having daily meetings with our physicians and staff members to ensure we are staying updated with the latest information and news.

– Department managers are rounding daily on staff and patients to answer questions and address concerns.

The Ebola virus is very scary, but we have the education and ability to safely handle and care for an Ebola patient, while protecting you from any undue risk of exposure. Here at WVMC, we are committed to keeping our staff and community members safe and informed. We will keep you updated as we get more information.