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We Have A Walker

Twins-Nov. 24We Have A Walker!

This past week Karson started walking. He’s still pretty wobbly but he’s definitely got it. Seeing him tall and upright, moving across the room is a wonderful sight to behold. Now that we’ve finally reached this milestone I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me in the worry department.

I’ve spent so much of the last 13 months worrying about this little guy. In the beginning he had troubles latching while nursing. He’d never tolerate tummy time. He sat up on his own late and crawled late. But better late than never, he’s figured it all out in his own time.

And after spending his first eight months in the first percentile in terms of weight, he’s catching up and is now past the 25th percentile. Considering neither Nate or I are small people I don’t think his growth chart will be leveling out quite yet.

His progress has definitely required a little extra attention compared to Lucy. From the beginning I nursed both often and then some. But from months 4-8 in addition to nursing, I’d also pump and give Karson the extra milk. I did extra exercises with him to help develop his muscles and I fed him whenever he’d wake during the night fearing that he’d really be hungry and truly needed those calories.

But mostly I worried and stressed. I scoured the Internet for validation that I was taking the right steps and doing all I could to ensure he was getting what he needed. I posted on all my Facebook groups looking for advice. And I spent a good number of sleepless nights myself.

A little stress is good for us. It motivates us to take action. But too much stress can cause us to act irrationally or out of fear. The challenge as a parent is to let those feelings guide us without letting them take over and control us (I’m still working on this one).

I don’t want worry to take away from the experience of our journey, now, nor in the future. I’ll do what I can but beyond that I have to have faith that things will work out and be okay. And everything will be okay. It always is. In fact, it’s pretty amazing.

Seeing your child take their first steps is exhilarating. I imagine the feeling of my parents seeing me graduate from college or “giving me away” at my wedding. It’s a sense of joy but there’s also the sense of satisfaction, pride and perhaps most of all, relief.