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Week 21 Already?

Blog 17 11_12_15It’s Week 21

It’s been almost five months since my surgery and reality is not what I pictured in my head. I thought at this point I would be close to my goal weight and running half-marathons. I guess I had an unrealistic view of what life would be like after surgery. The good news is that life has changed in positive ways that I never imagined. Even though I still struggle with eating the right foods, I still eat very little. I also feel lighter and fit into clothes that I haven’t worn in at least 4 years! Plus, I am exercising more often without hurting afterwards.

I did a food and exercise journal for my weight training class and learned that even though I am only eating between 800-1,000 calories a day, I still need to exercise more to lose weight. My newest goal is to start jogging. Jogging is the next logical step after all the walking I am doing. I think that it will push my body to the next level and help me overcome my current plateau. I am excited to get back into it and look forward to seeing results.

Other good news is that I got my final bill from my surgery and paid it off. Those of you close to me know that I had to pay cash because insurance didn’t cover my surgery. The billing process has been a bit strenuous and came with its own set of challenges. The program is well aware of the issues I have had and continues to work on streamlining the process to make it as easy as possible. I am happy to say that it is now behind me and I am completely paid off.

Despite a few bumps in the road, I am very happy I had surgery with Dr. Higa at Willamette Valley Medical Center. They did an amazing job making me feel comfortable before, during, and after surgery. I had no complications and the staff and doctors are like family. Even though it’s been months since surgery, I make it a point of going to the support group and try to bring a friend each time. It’s great to have such a supportive and caring group of people to keep me going! Thank you Willamette Valley Medical Center and Dr. Higa for changing my life!